For those over the age of 17 ½ years of age,

We offer a wide range of options to help you get behind the wheel and on the road safely

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Learner's Permit

This is a DMV Requirement

California DMV requires all drivers, regardless of age, to have either a learners permit or a drivers license when driving.

Head to the DMV website to apply for your permit. 

Once you have your learner's permit in hand, you're ready to get behind the wheel with us for driving lessons!


Online Driver's Education

(Optional for Adults)

Our DMV approved online course created to keep you interested, engaged, and informed! 


Self-paced with practice tests throughout. 


The certificate is not required for adults. 

*click here for a more detailed description*


Driving Lessons

Whether you're just learning to drive,  are in need of some "brushing up," had a recent collision or traffic violation, we can help you drive safely and confidently.  

Currently, the DMV does not require driving instruction for license applicants over the age of 18. 

We strongly believe that everyone needs excellent, professional instruction to become the safest drivers they can be.

Not sure how many lessons you’ll need?

Try starting with a two-hour lesson.

Notice: These lessons are often booked up to 
1 month in advance! 


DMV Drive Test Service

We can help you set up your appointment with the DMV. We provide an instructor and vehicle for your test.


A detailed description of how it works can be found here

Already have your license test scheduled at the DMV? Call our office (888.978.7299) and we'll try and fit you in our schedule.

Notice: The DMV can be booked up to
1 month in advance! 

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Stick Shift

Available for licensed drivers only

Master all aspects of stick shift driving with 2-hour lessons. 

Available only to those who already possess a valid CA License with previous driving knowledge and experience with automatic transmission. 

Scheduled with pick up and drop off at our office in Westwood,

in the heart of Westwood Village!

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