The founders of Primo Driving Schools (Mark and Dorothy Primack)

were on a chartered tour bus with a large group of friends.


At one point, the bus driver became distracted and lost control of the vehicle while traveling at 70 MPH. The bus flipped on its side and slid for a long distance before coming to a stop. When the dust settled, one friend was dead, many others were severely injured. Mark and Dorothy were fortunate to have survived.

That life-changing event caused them to re-evaluate everything in their lives. It gave them a new and deeper level of gratitude for their friends, family, health, and life. That "accident" led to their life’s mission; To teach as many new drivers as possible to drive safely. Primo Driving Schools was created to fulfill that purpose.

Our Story

Our Passion at Primo Driving Schools is simply to teach safe driving skills to as many drivers as possible.


Everyone learns at their own style and speed.

So we match our teaching style to your needs.

No yelling, condescension, or pressure.

Just calm, friendly guidance to make sure every student becomes a confident, intentional, and safe driver for life!

Primo Driving Instructors share a passion for "getting it right".

From the time the student is picked up until they are dropped off,

we will gently guide you through a proven, progressive safe driving skills curriculum.


We’re not just "winging it". This stuff is way too important.

No trauma, no drama, just safe driving skills that last a lifetime.

Meet The Team