DMV Drive Test Service

We can help you schedule your DMV road test. We'll provide a car with insurance and registration, and a licensed instructor

On the day of your test, your instructor will pick you up an hour prior to the test appointment and coach you on the way to the DMV. 

Your instructor will guide you through the DMV check-in and wait with you until your DMV examiner arrives.

You take the test, in our vehicle, while the instructor waits for you. At the end of your test, your instructor will take you back to your home, work, etc...

Ready to Book?
because we need to schedule with the DMV, our Instructors and Yourself, scheduling for the road test requires a call to our office or a visit to see us in Westwood! 


Important Note!
No driving school is allowed to instruct you on the specific test routes, nor can we guarantee you'll pass your test.