Do I need to have a permit to take driving lessons?
How long are the driving lessons?
How old must I be to get a learner's permit?
I'm 39 and just moved to Los Angeles from (fill-in-the-blank). I failed the DMV Road Test and need some pointers. Can you help me?
Am I required to take a driver education course prior to getting a learner's permit?
I got my license years ago and have not driven in a very long time. Do I need a permit before taking the DMV Road Test?
I just got my license and I'm 16 yrs old. May I drive my sibling or friends to school?
Can you teach people with ADD/ADHD or other learning disorders?
Can you teach me in my personal vehicle?
May I use your car for the DMV Drive Test?
May I have another person (parent/friend/spouse/etc…) ride-along as an observer during my lessons?
Do you teach manual transmission/stick-shift?
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