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Low Cost Driving Lessons

Primo Eco Driving Lessons, with Pick-up and Drop off at our office in Westwood in a Hybrid Vehicle for a lower cost and lighter carbon footprint. 

Same Quality, Lower Price

Driving Lessons Los Angeles
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Private, 1:1 instruction with convenient pick up and drop off service at your home, school, work, or anywhere else within our service area. 

Online Driver's Ed Los Angeles
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100% Online

Driver's Ed

All Online, Self Paced Driver's Ed. Required by the DMV for Teens, recommended for all! 

Teen Driving Lessons Los Angeles
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Learn about the licensing process, DMV requirements, and what to expect as a parent/guardian of a teen getting their license.

Adult Driving Lessons Los Angeles
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For adults looking to get behind the wheel for the first time, international drivers, seniors and drivers who want to refresh their skills 

Not sure where to start?
Send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!

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DMV Test Service
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DMV Test


Our instructor will accompany you to the DMV in our vehicle, guide you through check-in, then take you home after the test. 

Stick Shift Lessons
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Become a master in Manual Transmission! Licensed Driver's can take lessons that start at our office in the heart of Westwood.

Why Choose Primo?
We have you covered.


Our Approach

Dedicated Instructors

All our instructors are DMV licensed and pass a 10 year DOJ background check including fingerprints.

Meet our team and read their stories here.

Continued Education

Even after licensing, our instructors are constantly trained on the best techniques and safest methods to provide you impeccable service.

Industry Leading Covid-19 Policies

All instructors and students are currently required to wear masks while inside the training vehicle.

All Vehicles are disinfected between lessons.


Through clear communication and passionate instruction we help you get and stay on the road safely. 

5-Star Success

Our Passion at Primo Driving Schools is simply to teach safe driving skills to as many drivers as possible.

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