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Eduardo: 10 Years of Instructing with a Smile!

As Primo Driving Schools Celebrates its 10 year anniversary, it's hard not to take stock of everything we have built over the years. With the help of the community we have been able to grow from a one instructor operation, to a team of over 11 instructors. One of whom is the ever-optimistic Eduardo.

Eduardo has been a driving instructor for 11 years. When he started instructing, the world hadn’t seen an Avengers movie, Doordashed a meal, or scrolled through a TikTok. (By the way, check us out on TikTok!)

We can often forget how much has changed in 10 years, let alone 11. The ironic thing when talking to Eduardo, is how little has changed about his optimism and love for instructing.

Q: What made you want to be an instructor?

A: It was my dream to drive different cars, when I was a kid I would use a wheel cover as a wheel. Take 3 slippers in front of my TV and pretend they were the gas, brake, and clutch pedals. It’s my passion to drive different types of cars, I actually drove a bus for a while!

Q: You drove a bus?

A: Yeah! For one month!

Q: What was that like?

A: Like driving a car, but the problem with Metro is the commuters. It's stressful!

Q: What's the difference between commuters and students?

A: With the students, it's only one person at a time. With commuters it's crazy; so many of them. You can correct a student, but not a commuter. And that's company policy!

Eduardo talks about his work, past and present, with an ear-to-ear smile. It seems even the memories of frustrating commuters take a backseat to the joy he experienced while operating a bus, even for his relatively short tenure doing so.

At Primo, we often talk about how each instructor takes on their own style of teaching. When asked about the personal touches he brings to his position, Eduardo puts a great emphasis on comfortability.

“Patience is number one, seeing their weaknesses is number two. Making my students feel comfortable is important, I like to talk to them about why they want to drive. Those who are being forced to drive are more nervous. The ones who like driving are their own challenge, they might feel like they know everything. Comfort is key, because then they feel like they can ask me questions, and they will listen when I have something important to say.”

It's easy to see how Eduardo has found success with this style, talking with him feels like you're conversing with an old friend. He is sure of his skills, but also credits continuing education for keeping him engaged with his students.

“Embracing new information is always so important! There are three-types of drivers: Good Drivers, Safe Drivers, and Lucky Drivers. You always want to be a safe driver! Focus on how to be safe on the road, everything will follow!”

As we wrapped up our conversation, I asked Eduardo what it took to become a great instructor. He simply told me, “find something you love to do, and do it with a great team behind you.” His answer encapsulates his entire attitude towards work. It's refreshing at a time where it seems so many people are bogged down by their jobs, whereas Eduardo speaks about work with an effervescence that I, personally, haven’t heard in quite some time.

Although I’m sure his team members are flattered by his praise, they are also equally appreciative to have a light like Eduardo in their company. His positivity radiates from every word. We are truly lucky to have him!

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