Curated Programs for your Business

Curated packages to cut your business overhead, with options ranging from multi-person courses to 1:1 instruction. 

Let us create a training plan that matches your needs, with considerations for: 

  • Budget 

  • Training Class Size

  • Curriculum 

  • Vehicles

  • And much more...

Group and Per-Person Pricing Available. 

Contact us today for a consultation! 

Certify Your Safety 

Risk Management 

Safter drivers mean fewer accidents. Train employees in defensive driving, manual transmission, driving theory and/or practical lessons. Each course is designed to lower insurance premiums and prevent accidents. 

Valet Services 

Train a team of Valet experts with courses on manual transmission, parking and defensive driving to minimize the wear and tear on clients vehicles. 

Fleet Training 

Educate your employees on the mechanical, technological and practical uses of the vehicles they operate. Prevent accidental lapses in maintenance, avoidable collisions and lower the upkeep cost with these courses. 

Provide training for your Fleet Manager with 1:1 educational courses that provide expert training in all aspects of vehicle management.