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| Minnie A. via Yelp
Mark was a great teacher. I learned to drive in my home country, Switzerland, but never actually had the time to get a full license, so I decided to take some more classes here in the USA before taking the behind-the-wheel test, since the roads and rules are very different from the ones in my small hometown. Scheduling with Mark was easy, and he's really nice and patient. Mind you, I am an extremely paranoid driver, but he made me feel confident in my skills and after a two hours lesson I felt ready to take the test. Mark was also kind enough to let me use his car for the test. We even practiced before it, and I passed! Yay! I wasn't that sure I would, but it went very well. Thanks again, Mark, and sorry for taking so long to review. If you want to learn how to drive, definitely call or message Mark. He's the best and his prices are very reasonable!
| Jessica K. via Yelp
When I search for a company to do business with - I was taught to get three estimates and then go with your gut (or by your wallet).  This place is a reasonable price but more importantly they are super personable. And - they will pick your teen up from school and have them drive them self home after the lesson!  I loved our experience. (Especially when they pulled up in their bright ass car that says PRIMO nice and big on it.  Keeps the kids humble.)
| Gracie Z. via Yelp
Best school out there, the owner Mark is very nice and accommodating. Loved my classes with John! Mark Sheldon was great too. You can't go wrong with anyone from their team. They are really quick to get back to you and always very professional. Thank you!
| Kendrick C. via Yelp
I got my license two years ago but haven't been driving. It'd be a good idea for me to take several lessons before I start driving again. So I found Primo on Yelp and decided to take 6 lessons. I had Mitzi, John and Mark as my instructors and they were all amazing teachers (and nice people you feel comfortable talking with)! They were very knowledgeable and they, unlike my old instructor, actually knew how to teach. I was genuinely surprised at how passionate they were about what they do. They were also flexible with what they taught according to my progression. Mitzi was very nice and she helped me picked up my driving awareness again. John taught me what to look out for when driving which was extremely useful. Mark taught me several techniques to park and drive safely which was what I was lacking! He also gave some very good advice/suggestions that I never knew or thought of. Also props to him for bearing with me since I had trouble hearing what he said when I was driving (not a multi-task person) so I might have looked like I ignored him lol. Or my angry face was showing but that happens when I am tired as well. My friend complained about that to me before so Mark if you are reading this, and if I looked like I wasn't enjoying it, it really was because I was tired. I could really feel that my driving skill had improved A LOT just a few lessons. All of them were very nice people and patient with me. I am so glad I found them! After learning from them I actually know what and when is safe to do when I drive. In fact, the lessons were so useful that I am adding 3 more lessons the coming weekend with Justin who had been in the backseat observing in most of my lessons. Can't wait! Update: Lessons with Justin were great and went smoothly. He tailored a more challenging route for me given my experience and I thought it was appropriate to my progress made after the lessons I had with 3 other instructors. Thank you everyone who helped me overcome my fear of driving!
| Alana K. via Yelp
I got into an accident about 6 months ago and lost all confidence I once had in my driving skills. I wanted to start driving again, but was uncomfortable behind the wheel. Thanks to Primo (namely Nikki and Mark), I feel totally confident driving. Great teachers and an overall great experience!
| Roxie A. via Yelp
We signed up our daughter for the online course to get her permit, super easy! Then signed up for the driving lessons. Mark coordinated all our lessons so promptly & was so accommodating! This is a very professional organization! Our instructor Nikki is awesome! An outstanding instructor!! We are so fortunate to have found them!
| Julie Y. via Yelp
When I was looking for a driving school to help me pass my exam, Primo stood out because of all its 5 star reviews which it rightfully deserves. I had three different instructors for my lessons so I can guarantee that their team is very capable no matter who you get. (I would particularly recommend Mark Sheldon!) The instructors had a checklist of driving techniques that they would review before/during/after the lesson and anything that wasn't covered was noted for future reference. They always made sure I felt comfortable and clearly answered any questions I had. All my lessons were representative of their mission statement to teach defensive driving. Not only did I pass my exam, I am a better, safer driver!
| Olga H. via Yelp
I would have given 80 stars if I could. I moved to California after 10 years of not driving in NYC and Mark became some kind of a God Father to me. Thanks to him I feel so much more adapted to living in LA. Driving was a big challenge to me, something I was really terrified of, but with experienced instructors of primo school I finally passed my road test and got my license. Classes were great, fun, informative. I have always felt safe and properly guided. I am glad that I wont have to deal with receiving a license any time soon again, but if I did, I would not go anywhere else. I don't usually yelp, but really wanted to give those guys a shout out, because they deserve it. Highly recommended. Worth every penny.
| Kristine P. via Yelp
Mark and his drivers were really knowledgeable and made my daughter feel very comfortable behind the wheel. She had John twice & James once & had good experiences w both men. Mark always texted confirmation and info so it was completely clear. They were also very flexible on dates if you needed to make a change or weren't comfortable driving in rain. I liked that John would come out afterwards and give the parent tips on helping the child drive. Or "games" to play while driving together. (I didn't get to meet James) Also, a big thank you to Primo & Mark.. We lost our driving school completion certificate & got to the DMV driving test without it. I called Mark in a panic & he drove over w/ a new one in 10 min! Saved us big time!! Thank you!!
| Busuioc A. via Yelp
Thank you Mark, John and Mitzi. It was a pleasure to be your student. I truly recommend Primo Driving School to everyone . Everyone is very professional and helpful. I passed my driving test today and I am really happy
| Dana G. via Yelp
Mark and his colleagues genuinely care about teaching you to drive well and safely. In addition they're professional, reliable, and personable making the whole experience not only helpful and safe but enjoyable too. I can't recommend them highly enough.
| Libby W. via Yelp
I cannot recommend the services of Primo (Mark) and in particular my instructor John highly enough. After having not driven for five years, and having never driven on the right side of the road, I had severe anxiety about driving in LA. After 5 lessons with John I was cured. He is kind, patient, and very calm. He is also very knowledgable so he starts at the beginning and teaches you the way to drive properly. Even experienced drivers could benefit from some lessons with him. Every day when i'm driving, I think of the lessons John taught me. I am now able to drive to and from work safely and it's changed my life in LA. Thank you Mark & John!
| Jazz F. via Yelp
Mark, the owner was super nice and polite. I have a licence for 20 years from another country. I recently moved to LA, I failed the driving test 3 times. After taking 2 lessons with Mark Sheldon, I finally passed the test. He is a great instructor, very patient, has great tips and teaches how to drive carefully, but with confident. I recommend everyone to take a lesson or 2 @ Primo (even if you don't need to take the behind the wheel test)!
| Kristine S. via Yelp
Highly recommend Primo Driving School.  My 16 year old son wanted to drive but was not a natural, intuitive driver.  He needed a lot of help.  I was extremely nervous driving with him and found myself yelling constantly.  It got to a point I could not drive with him.  I called many driving schools and spoke to many people.  Mark got great reviews and I can see why.  He was very helpful, responsive and put me at ease.  I decided to go with his company and I'm glad I did.  It seems that all driving schools offer similar deals.  Everything depends on the instructor.  John was excellent.  He taught my son how to drive in a systematic and instructive way.  He was able to zero in on where his trouble areas were and explained how to improve.  He prepared him well for his driving test and my son passed the first time.   Not all instructors are equal.  It's important to get one who knows how to teach.  Also it's important to go with a company who delievers what they say they are going to.  I think Primo was excellent.
| Howard K. via Yelp
This is the best driving school we have ever used.  We have two children and both satisfied their driving requirements with another driving school.  That school was hit or miss in terms of instructors as well as communication with me as the parent.   Our daughter, although licensed, did not feel comfortable driving nor did she want to practice with me or my wife.  I went on Yelp and found an excellent review by a young woman who sounded just like my daughter.   She talked about how competent the instructors were and gave a detailed description of her experience.   Based on that review, I contacted Mark, the owner.  My daughter and I cannot be happier.   Both Mark and Nicki were great instructors.   Additionally Mark was a great communicator and he was not out to get me for every penny possible.   He sent me a detailed statement as to the times and charges and I was able to cancel at any time without incurring liability for additional classes.  My daughter loved the experience and we opted for three lessons.  I highly recommend that any parent looking for a great driving school or any student looking to learn from the best should look no further than Primo Driving School.
| Brianne T. via Yelp
I had a fantastic experience taking lessons at Primo Driving Schools. I signed up for 6 lessons (12 hours) and passed my driving test on the first try. I had John for 4 of my lessons, and my last lesson and driving test was with Justin. Both were extremely helpful, patient and kind. I had never had my license or driven in California and they were great teachers and made me confident behind the wheel. I had Mark for one lesson and he was great too! I definitely would recommend this school to anyone looking to get their license.
| Julie M. via Yelp
Three down one to go - Mark and the great instructors at Primo have helped my teens get comfortable, learn the rules and feel confident as young drivers. Mark kept in touch with us, letting us know exactly how are kids were doing as they learned to drive. Best experience - and we tried others that were not nearly as good as Primo.
| Jessica A. via Yelp
As a 23 year old nursing student, I desperately needed to learn to drive for my nursing school clinicals. I yelped around looking at multiple driving schools, and Primo stood out to me the most since they focused on teaching defensive driving skills. I spoke to Mark on the phone, and he gave me advice for passing my written test and advised that I make driving appointments as soon as I scheduled my appointment for it. After I scheduled my written test, I scheduled 3 driving appointments starting the day after I was to take my written test, and they were really great. Mark texted the day before each appointment to confirm and remind me of what I needed to bring. I was really anxious, scared, and experienced extreme tunnel vision when I first got in the car. However, Mark was always patient and never got mad with any mistakes I had made. He assured me everything was okay and gave me great tips. He also answered all of my questions whenever I had any. After my third lesson I had wanted to schedule another one, because I wasn't feeling confident (but only because I am a naturally anxious person). But Mark scheduled a drivers test appointment for me instead, feeling confident that I was ready. On the day of my exam(which was actually today), Mitzi came to pick me up for my driver's test. She was wonderful as well. She gave me tips on things to be mindful of during my exam, while we were driving to the DMV. She let me lap the DMV a couple times and made sure that I fit in some last minute practice for backing up in a straight line before we officially went in. While I was waiting for my turn, she pumped up my confidence and helped calm my nerves a lot. I passed my driving test with only 7 errors, just shy of one month of receiving my learners permit. If you want to learn to be a safe driver, pass your DMV exam on the first attempt, and learn from truly wonderful people, then definitely go to Primo!
| Eleanor K. via Yelp
Mark did a wonderful job teaching our oldest daughter to drive, so I didn't hesitate to call him back when our youngest turned 15.  She got her license today.  I give Mark and his team credit for teaching both girls driving fundamentals and defensive driving techniques.  Mark is extremely professional and easy to work with.  Save yourself time shopping around and start with Primo.
| Juliana S. via Yelp
I can only thank Primo and their instructors for not only teaching me driving skills, but also helping me to feel confident to take the drive test without anxiety. I'm a driver for 12 years (in Brazil) and I had to get the California driver's license. I had failed the behind the wheel test before for not knowing some details (like when turning right on the traffic light, if it's red, you have to come to a full stop even if there's no car coming), and with one class with them I learnt the difference between my country's law and American law. They were patient and provided me all the answers for the questions I had (and I had too many!). The instructor patiently taught me what I was doing wrong and how DMV expects me to do. I highly recommend them!
| Brenda H. via Yelp
We used Primo driving school for each of my kids - we just finished training for my youngest son. I am so confident in the instruction he rec'd! Primo takes all the anxiety out of putting new driver on the road!  My son learned so much about safety, defensive driving, and the laws. He's ready for his test, AND ready to get on the road!
| Ryan S. via Yelp
James was beyond a great instructor! I decided to finally learn how to drive after getting my permit three weeks ago without any prior experience driving and started with Primo two weeks ago. I took the 12 hour instruction over the course of these two weeks and booked my behind the wheel test on the 30th. They worked with my schedule and booked my appointments close as possible as I liked them. James was really nice, calm and patient while teaching me, I can say without a doubt this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thank you Primo for preparing me for driving in L.A.!
| Frank S. via Yelp
my daughter had forgotten her certificate for the DMV. Mark took it upon himself to drive to the Santa Monica DMV to drop it off. Can't ask for better service. These guys are the real deal. Service to the max! Awesome! And I truly mean that...
| Frank U. via Yelp
I'm a driver now!! Thank you so much Mark, James and John for making that happen. I passed first time and I am now a confident capable driver. So happy I can say that! I didn't need to drive until I moved to LA so my lessons with primo was the first time ever behind the wheel and I was NERVOUS and hesitant to say the least. All the instructors have their own distinct style of teaching and I learned something different from all of them.James in particular was extremely patient with me and has great calming energy which I absolutely needed and John is SO knowledgable and thorough he had confidence in my abilities way before I did, which I really appreciate. I can't say enough great things about Primo and their instructors. They deserve way more than 5 stars. You'll be in such great hands with these guys, I promise, you don't have to look anywhere else!
| BR R. via Yelp
Thanks to Mark, James and John I can drive. Driving has been one of my greatest fear to do due to traumatic experiences before but thanks to them finally I was able to get my driver licence. They are really knowledgeable, and professional. Mark always have flexibility to work with your free hours for driving practices, and they have an awesome vibe for you to feel comfortable to drive and be safe all the time. Thank you guys!
| Alexey K. via Yelp
Mark is an awesome teacher.  I initially took 6 hour of lessons with him back in May, and he instilled driving safely from the beginning.  He is very calm and will make sure you are ready to advance as long as you show you can master the basic skills. Couple months later I took 2 more hours to prepare for the test, as we went to the Santa Monica DMV as he showed me little tips on how to pass the test.   I took the test today, and passed with flying colors.  It would of been so much harder to pass if I had not taken classes with Mark. I would defiantly recommend him to any student who is look for lessons, or even as a refresher to somebody who hasn't driven in a long time.  I was able to talk to him about anything and whenever I made a mistake he would tell me calmly what I did wrong and how to do it correctly.
| Marina R. via Yelp
Mark is a very professional instructor and in a span of just one driving class he made me feel very confident behind the wheel! He is also very friendly and sociable which is a great addition to his professionalism. The whole experience with this school from day one has been absolutely flawless which is so rare! My exam is next week and I feel very confident and hopefully will pass thanks to lessons with Mark. I rarely write reviews, but this time it's totally worth time spending time on writing a review. Highly recommended school and Mark in particular.
| Aurelien E. via Yelp
Just had driving lessons with James. He's really professional, friendly, and gave me the best advises. Thanks again
| J. H. via Yelp
I hadn't driven a car in 15 years. I'm a nervous, neurotic driver. No problem for James and John. They got me on the road, on the freeway and through my driving test with flying colors. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to learn to drive.
| Angela V. via Yelp
Mark is the best! He has helped me transition from not driving for many years to be very comfortable ! He priority is safety and he is a very professional instructor with many years experience. I hadn't driven in ten years after living in NYC for so long and he helped me very patiently. I would keep taking refresher lessons from him!! We need more people like Mark to make the roads safer!
| Linda L. via Yelp
I moved to California from NYC and needed a license. Took classes in NYC before moving and failed twice even though I knew everything in my head. In LA - just passed yesterday after only 3 lessons. Why?  Smart instructor, John, who tailors lesson to your weak spot, and breaks down the steps for you. He actually spends time thinking of helpful ways for you to get it. He was relaxed which made me relaxed, so a bit of psychology going on there too. Mark (owner/mgr) was a total pro, talked me thru it all up front and kept me on track with helpful text reminders.  If I can do it, so can you!!!  Go for it!
| Tatiane S. via Yelp
Mark And I are having a very positive start. He helps me feel peaceful and more secure driving, and helps me with whatever I need. I asked for some notes to be send to me and he did that without any extra charge and those clarified so many things I keep forgetting while driving. Looking forward to become an excellent driver with his tutoring.
| Melissa H. via Yelp
I have only good things to say about Mark and Primo Driving Schools.  After my daughters' less than stellar experience with a different driving school several years ago (after which both failed to pass their driving test on the first try), I did a lot of research before choosing Mark to teach my son.   Each lesson has been positive, thorough, and structured to cover everything that a new driver may encounter in LA, and Mark was calm and helpful throughout.  He gave my son the skills and the confidence that he needed to pass his driving test today on the first try. I highly recommend Mark and Primo.
| Larry S. via Yelp
3/1/2016 - Every driver will face the biggest challenge to his driving freedom...out of nowhere, a behind-the-wheel driving test request from the Department of Motor Vehicles. I WANT TO SAY THANKS TO MARK AT PRIMO DRIVING SCHOOL IN L.A., (888) 978-7299) and his guidance, support and attention. I finally passed today: I had failed twice and had only one more chance - or I WOULD HAVE HAD TO START OVER WITH A LEARNER'S PERMIT.  I passed because I finally hired Mark for a two-hour session the day before the test. I still can't believe that I almost didn't have a driver's license...Thank you, Mark for being such a great teacher...and a really nice guy.
| Michael A. via Yelp
Putting your aspiring car driving teen into the hands of a driving school and their instructors can be harrowing. Having done it with my eldest four years ago, I can assure you of that. Wasn't too pleased with that previous experience (won't mention the school). So, when it came time with my daughter, we were definitely looking for better for this 16-year-old. Plus, my wife wanted more assurances and interaction prior to committing. Called and emailed more than a few places with high Yelp ratings looking for such. Mark Primack, the owner of Primo Driving Schools, responded quickly and in a way that inspired trust with our child...err...teen. Mark worked with us and around a busy school and activity schedule to get it done.. Each of the instructors sent to our home to pick up our student driver for each session were very competent and professional. When her minimum mandatory hours with Primo were completed, and she could start with dad and his car, I was impressed with the skill she'd acquired. So much so, after performing her needed hours and scheduling her driver's test with the DMV a couple of months later, contacted Mark once more to have them do a last-minute pre-test session. Needless to say, she passed her DMV test first time, with flying colors. Rates were competitive and their cars were top-notch. Can't say enough for Primo, Mark, and his crew and highly recommend them.
| Adam M. via Yelp
I can unreservedly recommend Primo. I've used a number of driving schools in the LA area and  Primo are head and shoulders above the rest. I had lessons with Mark, James, and John and they are all excellent. At other schools the instructors often feel like they're just checking in for their day jobs, but the Primo guys are truly professional - the quality of their instruction is far superior to anything else I've experienced. They are very focused on the details of driving and full of helpful tips and hints. They are also very concerned with teaching you habits that will keep you safe on the road. I passed with Primo!
| Julian B. via Yelp
I don't have much to compare Primo to, but it was great. I passed my driving test on the first try, and felt comfortable and barely nervous during it. The day before my test, I did a lesson in the area of the DMV and that really helped. Mark is a great teacher and I feel I've learned a lot.
| Camilla H. via Yelp
John and Mark both took me on driving lessons and I passed today at West Hollywood, which is known to be one of the hardest DMV tests. They were extremely reliable, easy to organize lessons and kind during my classes. I felt that they genuinely wanted to create better drivers, not just offer quick fixes to pass the test. It's hard to find a good school and I would definitely recommend Primo.
| Nikki B. via Yelp
Mark Primack is THE best driving instructor out there, hands down. I had done my research comparing all of the driving schools that service the west side in terms of cost, services rendered, and overall company "image" (website user-friendliness, information put forth, customer service, etc.). What I found was that Mark will get back to prospective students in a timely matter, answer all questions, and even offer advice & ways to ideally serve you. Punctual, friendly, patient - highly recommended.
| Aventurina K. via Yelp
John is hands down the BEST, most PROFESSIONAL, most WELL-INFORMED driving instructor of the city (if not the country haha).  During my 2 hour class with him I learnt SO much.  He brought his own black board with magnetic car so he could draw all the traffic scenes for me, he had videos to show me on bay parking, he even had funny stories to tell me so I would remember how far I need to be from the car in front of me.  On the day of my test I called him freaked out about something, this is how the conversation went: "John how far in advance can you enter a center turn lane" "60 meters" (because he knows I come from France) "OK how far is that?" "Half a football court" Done that was the conversation, exactly what I needed to know in terms I could understand.  I aced my road test by the way.  Thank you John and Primo!!
| David B. via Yelp
Mark is the guy you want to teach your teen to drive. He has an excellent demeanor that meshes well with excitable young adults. He is a great teacher who builds students competence.  My 17 year old son learned how to drive safely and confidently after working with Mark. Id recommend him to any parent
| Erin W. via Yelp
I highly recommend Mark at Primo Driving School! I failed my driving test twice and at twenty years old I realized it was about time I get an instructor instead of my parents teaching me. We found Mark and he was very informative and patient with me. He took me around to different locations in the Marina, Culver City, Venice, and Santa Monica. I got more confidence after one lesson and he thought I was ready. I passed my driving test on my third try and it wouldn't have happened without the extra confidence I earned from only one lesson with Mark. He is a fantastic person to be instructed by!
| Natalia P. via Yelp
Mark, a founder of Primo Driving Schools, is an excellent driving instructor and a very kindhearted person.  After taking 8 classes with Mark, I passed my driving test from the first attempt! Before buying a package of classes, I did some research on yelp and called a few other driving schools in my neighborhood in order to compare prices and services. Prices for packages are pretty much the same in every school. Mark was very polite and personal on the phone. It sounded like he really cared about me as a person and not just another client. That's why I chose him, and now I'm so happy to have done it! Every class he taught me new skills and took me to new places, including Downtown and Silver Lake. I knew I probably wouldn't need it for a test, but I will definitely need to know how to drive on a freeway, how to merge into a fast-moving traffic and to get out of it safely. Moreover, Downtown LA has many one way streets and it is important to know how to get around such an area. Last 2 lessons were dedicated to preparing me for a test in Santa Monica DMV per se. Mark was flexible with his schedule, and didn't hesitate to sacrifice a few Saturday afternoons for our classes. Moreover, he was punctual and always let me know when he arrived. While driving, he would always comment on my pluses and minuses, but always in a very respectful and encouraging manner. I constantly felt his guidance, support and attention. Mark definitely instilled confidence in me as a driver, which I lacked when we started our classes. To sum up, I HIGHLY recommend Primo Driving Schools!!! THANK YOU MARK!
| Nyla T. via Yelp
Having a teenage driver can be a stressful time.  We had the best experience with Primo Driving School.  The staff was so reassuring.  My son felt really comfortable and learned so much from the instructor.  He just took his road test in Santa Monica and thanks to Primo Driving School, he passed with flying colors.  You will not be disappointed in Primo Driving school.  I highly recommend them!
| Yahn B. via Yelp
Highly recommended! Super nice and actually cares about his students becoming aware drivers. Explains things clearly and simply.
| LO L. via Yelp
I made a great choice by picking Primo. Absolutely satisfied with their service. Learned a lot from James and John. They are nice people and great instructors. Always punctual and responsible. Mark also helped a lot.
| Ron H. via Yelp
Mark did a great job with instructing my daughter, and helping her to pass the driving test (first time).  He also was very helpful about giving me tips for when she was driving with me.  I was very impressed with every aspect of the instruction and experience.  I recommend him to any parent who wants absolutely the best driver training out there.  We will be contacting him soon for daughter #2.
| Brad B. via Yelp
Primo Driving was a wonderful experience for our daughter.   Mark, her instructor, was so kind yet also very professional.  My daughter felt comfortable with him immediately and learned so much.  He did a great job -- and now she has more confidence in her driving and much better safety skills!
| Miyu M. via Yelp
This was the first time to drive in the U.S., and I had great experience, and really glad to practice driving with Primo Driving School! I was afraid of driving in the U.S. at first, but when I started practice, instructors helped me a lot, so I was really comfortable to drive. I took the driving test after I finished 6 hour lessons, and I passed. If you take Primo driving lessons, you will really like it! I highly recommend to take lessons with Primo Driving School!
| Mark D. via Yelp
I've been procrastinating about driving for the last 20 years, but having moved to LA finally decided it was time to do something about it. A quick glance at Yelp led me to Primo, and I can attest to their top rate reviews. Mark is a fantastic instructor - friendly, great at making you feel at ease and really showing you how to become a safe driver. Thanks to him I passed first time without any problem. Thanks again Mark!
| kennedy A. via Yelp
I'm still taking the course and haven't passed yet, but I do really love this driving school. Everyone that works here cares about your safety and is really trying to do the best job possible to help you learn how to drive. I'm an older student with a lot of fear on the road and they have helped me work through this fear giving me really useful tips. I would gladly say that anyone should use these guys to learn to drive.
| Michael M. via Yelp
Had an awesome experience and learned a ton! Mark was really helpful and taught everything I needed to pass the test, which I did! Thanks so much Primo driving schools, couldn't have done it without you :)
| Shaun A. via Yelp
After my daughter failed her first two driving test we decided to to look for another school to give her better training and help her prepare for passing  her test. I found Primo Driving Schools while searching Yelp and was impressed by the glowing positive reviews and 5 star ratings. I visited the Primo Driving School web page and read the Our Story tab. I liked that they instruct at levels higher than the state mandated minimum and I also noticed I worked with Dorothy at a previous employer. We set up the first lesson with Mark which was originally about two weeks out, but he contacted me with an open date that was a week earlier. Mark's communication is great. He will send reminders with the date and time to confirm each appointment. Mark arrived on time and provided feedback after the lesson. I knew after the first lesson that Mark had made a difference. My daughter now had answers to "When is it safe to make a left turn?" and "Where do you stop when there is no limit line?" She went from failing her first to two test to passing the last test with only 3 marked errors. My daughter said Mark was patient and gave good instruction while letting her do the driving. Thank you Mark and Dorothy I wish we would have found you sooner. I recommend Primo Driving Schools without hesitation.
| s s. via Yelp
My recently turned 16 year old son started his driving lessons 10 days ago with Mark from Primo Driving. After each lesson, my son had progressed significantly and by his third lesson was driving on the freeway. Mark's program is thorough and my son has many takeaways from his sessions that I am sure will help to ensure that he is a safe and careful driver. Primo came highly recommended from many close friends who had used it successfully for their teenagers. I looked into other programs and felt that Primo was the best fit for us.
| Thomas D. via Yelp
I'm another of Mark's success stories. I'm a 30 year old Brit that's recently moved to Santa Monica and until now had never been behind the wheel of a car on either side of the pond. Mark was very helpful and informative while I was shopping around for lesson advice and I definitely got the impression he'd be a safe bet for the task at hand. He suggested a single lesson at first to gauge how much more time I'd need behind the wheel which really took the pressure off in the early going. That first lesson really took care of the nerves as he took me through the basics. Before I knew it we were driving around town and I was on my way. It took me 6 lessons in all (including that initial one), each one taking around 2 hours to complete. The lessons were priced very fairly, with a discount for a block booking. Mark was always on time and made sure we covered a great deal of ground in each lesson. We ventured into downtown LA, along the i10, down past Manhattan Beach and over to Century City and Beverley Hills, even along the PCH and through Topanga Canyon, each place offering new challenges and opportunities to better my driving. I'm happy to say that I passed my test on the first try and can only point to Mark's helpful, friendly, patient, professional attitude towards teaching as the reason I was able to do so. Thanks again Mark!
| John H. via Yelp
I have had Mark and James taken care of my son, who will be graduating from a high school soon, from last June (initial meeting at his office) til just recently. When I first started looking for a professional, caring driving instructor for my son, I really digged around quite a bit until I found Primo. We were looking for someone who could give my son's road to driving with street smartness and actual skills that many present young drivers deem lacking as I have been driving for 30+ years.   Mark impressed me and my son with his genuine enthusiasm and professionalism as well as his in-depth knowhows, and decided to go ahead with the road to my son's DL. He was really thorough and gave us a complete roadmap and offeres us a reasonable budget for the whole process. We used his "Concierge" package from the start, and after using up the package, we had Mark and James for quite a few additional sessions at a very reasonable rate until my son was able to pass the road test in mid April this year. Even after passing, I asked mark to finetune my son's driving with my "big" horse, and he was very gracious to ride with my son to show him with a different vehicle. I would strongly recommend Primo to anyone who has a teen driver son or daughter who need to learn the art of defensive driving and driving right for the rest of teen's life. Thank you Mark for having my son and teaching him how to drive right.  We  wish the very best for you, your family and Primo!
| Jen S. via Yelp
I CANNOT rave enough about this business and in particular Mark. I am a 40 year old native New Yorker that somehow got away without driving in Los Angeles for over 10 years. I had taken lessons with one other school previously but with too much time in between each lesson, I gave up. I really really didn't want to learn. I came up with excuse after excuse for years.  In 2013, I learned I was pregnant and knew that I could not get away with having a baby and not driving. I took lessons up to giving birth and had to pick them back up a couple of weeks after my son arrived. Mark was with me every step of the way and instilled me with such confidence that I was able to pass my test on the first drive. I drive to work and my son's daycare now like it's nothing. I am also what I feel a very safe but confident driver! An additional major plus: If you have to spend 2 hours in the car with someone every weekend, at least it's Mark. He is funny, smart and has great stories!
| Chrysan L. via Yelp
I passed my driving test this afternoon with just two little errors.  I am so excited because I failed twice before and it was my last chance.  Now I want to say "thank you" to Mark, because it is him who taught me how to drive gracefully as well as safely.  Primo is really a great driving school worth recommended.
| Caroline V. via Yelp
I am a European, 33-year old, unexperienced driver and turned to Primo Driving School after a first try with another LA School. The owner, Mark, made sure to respond quickly and personally to my query. He made every arrangement possible throughout my lessons up until the test, to make sure I was getting the most of my practicing as well as to accommodate my requests. I passed the driving test today, and succeeded the first time around. I would really recommend this school for its professionalism, teaching method and quality of instructors. Driving in LA is essential, being confident being the wheel is key throughout your life as a driver : and with Primo, you are not only prepared for the DMV test, but for the rest of your driving career!
| Dylan D. via Yelp
I found this driving school on Yelp, and the reviews do not lie. Mark is a very patient and informative teacher. After working with Mark, I felt very comfortable and secure behind the wheel. Thank you!
| R L. via Yelp
I can't recommend Mark highly enough. He taught my son in preparation for his license and my son was fully prepared and secure. Mark's way with students is great.  His feedback to us on our son's driving was comprehensive.  My son passed his test first time without errors!
| Annie W. via Yelp
where to start ...being a city rat from london & moving to LA is daunting especially when you can't drive.  not sure who to trust to get you road worthy is hard. after trawling through depressing car places....i found PRIMO. primo screamed out at me on the website - top reviews from every single person that has used them & it's fantastic packages to help you become the best safest driver out there. i can't recommend mark enough ,his utter patience + kindness & professional guidance means you will learn the right way - to drive safely . not only is he brilliant soul to spend 2 hours with learning the roads , he'll teach you knowledge that will stay with you. mark was always on time & always let me know he was outside ( i constantly saw horrific reviews of flakey driving instructors on other yelp reviews ) . the car is fantastic for learner drivers , well branded so other drivers know your learning & easy to use !! today i took my test & passed. i have to tell you i was not a car person...i ride a bike everywhere for over a decade in london. if i can conquer this you can . mark cared to the bitter end & really wants you to pass. if you want to learn to drive mark is your man. he's the angel of the road. now i can start seeing california thanks to him. x
| Russell W. via Yelp
I have known Mark for a very long time and eagerly awaited the opening of his dream. He has really put together a good business, delivering outstanding training coupled with unmatched service and courtesy.  He is always on time (or even a bit early) and provides lessons that thoroughly cover the subject and prepare your student driver for the challenges that Los Angeles roads throw at you.  I highly recommend Primo to all my friends.
| Jenna S. via Yelp
Yesterday was my first day of driving lessons with Primo Driving Schools. I am a nineteen and from LA, but until this point have been too afraid to get behind the wheel. Mark made me feel very comfortable even though I was extremely nervous. He explained everything very well and gave me all of the information that I needed. It's a lot to take in, but he didn't make me feel bad if I didn't get something right away. Once I was behind the wheel, we started driving around a very safe residential neighborhood until I got the hang of things.  After a while we moved on to more crowded streets. Even though we were on fairly busy streets, I did not feel unsafe once because he was very alert and ready to step in if I screwed up. Thankfully, I didn't screw up very much because he was constantly instructing me and reminding me what to do. I have only done one lesson, but I can already tell that Mark is a great teacher who actually cares about teaching people to drive properly and safely. I'm excited to continue my lessons. I would highly recommend this driving school especially because my experience here has been much better than the experiences my friends have had at other driving schools.
| George C. via Yelp
I took 8 lessons from Mark and passed my driving test on the first try. Mark inspired confidence from the very first lesson, and his teaching techniques and patience were first rate. He has a great personality to boot. I would recommend Primo, and particularly Mark, to anyone needing a top of the line instructor.
| Amanda A. via Yelp
Mark helped me earn my license within 3 lessons. He is a life saver and made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I can't recommend him enough.
| F R. via Yelp
My son had 6 hours of driving lessons from Mark.  Mark is amazing.  My son was confident and very cautious and safety-minded after the first lesson.  Mark stresses safety and responsibility first and that's good news when you have a 15 3/4 year old boy!  My daughter is next!
| Ethan H. via Yelp
Mark is passionate about teaching people to drive; this is not just his job, its his life. His teaching methods deserve a point of mention: (1) he does not just tell trainees how to drive, but also gives a clear reason as to why it is the right way to drive. I found this makes the entire process of learning more effective, as well as more interesting; (2) he clearly points out the errors and corrects them, and also points out the right decisions made by the trainee. I found this technique of reassurance helpful in building ones confidence in driving. Mark does a good assessment of people's level of skill of driving, and focuses to strengthen their weaknesses. He is kind, patient, attentive and a jovial person to be around. I would strongly recommend him!
| Elaine D. via Yelp
Mark taught our daughter to drive.He was  patient, cautious, courteous, respectful, encouraging, supportive, and friendly. You are putting your child in the hands of a stranger when you select a driving instructor - it's a bit scary if you think about it. But I can recommend Mark without hesitation. My daughter liked him very much, felt safe with him, and most importantly, is a careful but confident driver today. I am very pleased with Primo and with Mark.
| Kristina K. via Yelp
Mark was wonderful teaching my daughter to drive.  She was hesitant to learn in Los Angeles due to the narrow streets and aggressive drivers, but Mark made her feel calm, confident, and educated. I would highly recommend this service for anyone, especially for those that need a little extra hand-holding and confidence!
| Ed M. via Yelp
i am very impressed and satisfied with mark.  my son, daniel, told me that the lesson he took with mark was superior to the driving lessons he's taken prior to this.   mark is an intelligent man who projects his commitment to educating safe drivers as his chosen path to making a difference in this world.
| Siena C. via Yelp
Best driving school in LA. Very accommodating people and useful information. Super helpful! I passed my test on my first try thanks to primo. Thank you so much!
| Emily W. via Yelp
I learned to drive in the UK and had lessons with James to practice for the California driving test. He was knowledgable, friendly and patient. He let me use his car for the test and I passed first time! Highly recommended.
| D C. via Yelp
I too, can happily attest that Primo is absolutely the BEST!  My eldest daughter had an underwhelming experience with a previous company, then very gratefully found Primo - a complete breath of fresh air!  Both she and her younger sister learned to drive in their early twenties, and Mark couldn't have had more patience and joy in his teaching style.  Not only is he a conscientious and gifted instructor, Mark is simply a special human being!  He managed to instill some much needed confidence into my daughters' driving abilities and always encouraged them in such an uplifting way.  So much so, that they would come home after every lesson, with their faces enthusiastically lit up with the new skills that Mark had taught them.  As a parent, I was super impressed with his thoroughness in teaching my daughters about all kinds of safety tips.  Our family can't recommend Mark and his company more highly!
| Maureen T. via Yelp
My 15 1/2 year old daughter just finished her 3rd 2 hour lesson with Mark and was able to navigate freeways and a crowded downtown Los Angeles. He is very calm, full of great information and really calmed her down. I can't imagine a safer better informed instructor. Especially when it's a young driver, you want to make sure they are in safe hands who teach them all the rules of the road in a calm manner. Mark did that. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job!
| Nancy T. via Yelp
I feel so fortunate to have found Mark and Primo Driving School. My daughter had a horrible experience with another school and wouldn't drive again for months. Mark is professional, patient, and extremely knowledgeable about everything you need to know to get your license. My daughter was comfortable from the first lesson with him and now is a VERY confidant driver.  AND....she passed her driving test on the first try!!  I haven't heard of another driving school in the Los Angeles area (and I did a lot of research) that compares to Primo.
| via Yelp
| Angela N. via Yelp
I used this driving school for my refresher as an adult from Europe.  And my instructor Mark's instruction, techniques and guidance helped me immensly to regain my confidence and skills back fast.  You can't go wrong with this driving school you are in safe hands.
| Jessica O. via Yelp
Primo Driving Schools was reliable, thorough and got the job done. My daughter passed her driving test on the first try and I attribute that to all three lessons, with the final lesson before the test being the  extra confidence booster she needed. All in all an excellent experience.
| Samiha R. via Yelp
I used to live in Northern California, where the traffic is not as crazy. Even there, I was not particularly confident when learning to drive. So when I moved to LA before I could take my driving test, I was terrified  to the point that I did not practice for an entire year! One renewed permit later, I started taking driving lessons with Primo and my mindset completely changed. Before gushing about my instructor Niki, I would also like to give props to Primo for being on top of it when it comes to scheduling, cancelling (fair 24-hour policy), and rescheduling. They would always return calls, text with confirmations/updates, and now they are using an app which is quite effective/organized as well. Now for my instructor: Niki is one of the most effective yet compassionate teachers out there. During my first lesson, I kept mentioning my rustiness and my lack of ability to drive well but Niki was there to give me the self esteem boost needed to take control of the road while teaching me how to improve my skills. She shaped my lessons based on my progress and learning, even coming up with  personal techniques I could use while driving. A specific example is when I was having trouble with getting rid of the tendency to drift from the middle of the lane. The "look far ahead", "focus of the left lane marking" techniques were not working for me, so one lesson she decides to experiment and tells me to use the front corners of the dashboard and align them with the lane markings. IT WORKED SO WELL!!! And this is just one example. She truly cares about her students and makes sure they can leave the lesson satisfied no matter the number of mistakes made (although she does make sure I learn how to avoid such mistakes). I definitely feel so much more comfortable on road after taking lessons with Primo and feel confident that with the skills Niki taught me, I am sure to pass the behind-the-wheel test.
| Khatija K. via Yelp
I went to Primeo after taking 10 lessons from Abel's driving and having a bad taste in my mouth because I was not taught how to turn left on intersection and failing my first test. I don't want to write lengthy details of how horrible Abel's is but Instead how Primeo has changed my life. Mark who is also one of the owners of Primeo was my instructor and let me tell you this guy is disciplined and ethical teacher. He puts in logic and rationale in how I should drive instead of Rosie at abel's who sat in the car with music on and looking at her phone all the time. Mark was very attentive and did not shy away from correcting me at things that I felt were very important for being a safe driver. He has his priorities right! In fact my husband was very stunned at my confidence and driving abilities after only couple of lessons with mark. Although there are other instructors at Primeo, I preferred Mark because of his teaching methodologies. I am a chemical engineer so I can't make do with abstract information, mark told me numerically how far I should. E from the curb when parking, what angle I should park in between vehicles. His strategies are flawless!!! This guy's teaching truly makes sense to me! He was to the point and simply amazing. He made time for me when he had admin work, this guy truly cares about his students and is super considerate. In fact I strongly feel Primeo is actually one of those driving schools out there who TEACH YOU HOW TO DRIVE and are not after your money. Don't waste your time with other schools, start your life with Primeo and Mark into becoming  a safe driver in LA. Ps: I passed my test! Thank you Primeo and Mark.
| Cheryl M. via Yelp
Imagine moving halfway across the world to Los Angeles, living in the Hills and not being able to drive! I signed up for the 20 hour Primo Package that includes the Concierge DMV Drive Test Service which I highly recommend.  The 1 hour driving practice before the DMV Test, using a Primo car that I was familiar with for the Test, my instructor waiting for me ... All that helped me pass at my first attempt.   Primo has an online app that allows you to easily book your lessons.  After each lesson, your driving instructor will complete a scorecard online so that you can see how you did as well as what you need to work on.   Justin was my driving instructor.  He's the most patient guy ever.  His guidance and techniques were excellent.  Thank you!
| David H. via Yelp
I'm 36 years old and never had a license.  I had lessons with Mark and John, and I highly recommend both.  I spent more time with John and he is very knowledgeable and perhaps more importantly very calm and patient.  He even kept his cool when I veered out of my lane on the 405 at 65 mph, so I have the utmost respect for him.  I passed the DMV driving test and I have these guys to thank, so thank you!!!!  Highly recommended.p
| Nancy B. via Yelp
Great experience with Primo.  Will use them again when my next teen needs to learn to drive.
| Sam F. via Yelp
Efficient - passed written test and behind the wheel first time, with just one lesson - I have emigrated from UK and switching to CA license. Justin gave me the lesson and Geri in the office very helpful.
| Ian A. via Yelp
I highly recommend Primo Driving Schools! Their instructors are  really committed to making safe drivers out of their students. My primary instructor, Mr. Mark Sheldon was very patient and methodical. He gave logical, clear instructions and wisdom with emphasis on safety and efficiency that will stay with you when you are on the street.  Their lessons took away my anxiety and bad habits. Using their  Drive Test Concierge Service helped me breeze through the test.  I highly recommend using it, as that lesson before the test ironed out the wrinkles in my driving habits. I am really greatful I went with this driving school.  Surely the best in LA!
| Sam S. via Yelp
I purchased the Primo package with 20 hours of lessons and it was the best money I've ever spent.  I had not driven in several years and was scared of being behind the wheel.  That completely changed after re-learning to drive with my instructor Mark S. Mark was extremely patient, knowledgeable and professional.  His quality of instruction, attention to detail and calm demeanor make him an amazingly effective driving instructor.  His lessons were well-planned and he really impressed upon me what it means to be a safe driver.  He helped me develop good driving habits and I feel confident in my abilities behind the wheel. If you're looking for a driving school, try Primo.  There's a reason why it has so many good reviews and it's well worth the money.
| stephanie c. via Yelp
This is the best driving school we hired Primo Driving School for my 16-year-old daughter she love the instructors everyone was so good and professional. She feels now very confident in her ability to drive they help prepare her for the test.  And they worked around our schedule I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a good driving school for their teenager!
| Erik F. via Yelp
Primo were fantastic throughout in helping me get my license in the most efficient way possible. I especially enjoyed driving with John and Justin, and being able to begin and end lessons just outside my office.
| Christina D. via Yelp
Simply put, Primo Driving School is amazing.  I recently moved to Los Angeles from New York City, and after not driving with any regularity for many years, I needed to sharpen my skills.  I took lessons with both John and Roberto, and cannot praise them enough.  They were professional, patient, and full of helpful information.  These guys deserve their stellar reviews.  I highly recommend Primo!
| FF Z. via Yelp
Primo is the only five-star-rating driving school near me. And my experience proves it deserves the title. Mark is a very disciplined, knowledgable and attentive instructor. His calmness and warmth reduced my anxiety and greatly boosted my confidence especially before the driving test. He listened to his students and school's reputation is important to him. He is punctuate for all the lessons and responsive to all my inquires. I admire his beginner's mind to found his school -- to promote safe driving --after his friend's accident. And I will definitely be a safe driver. ********************************************************************** Driving test tips for drivers from other parts of the world 1. Some rules in U.S. are quite different from the others, it is important to practice and get familiar with DMV area. To know the rules doesn't mean I master them. I found when I was nervous in the test, my intuitive reaction was the way I drive in my home county. So practice, practice and practice till you can react intuitively like a local. 2. DMV driving test youtube video is a good pill to calm my nerve down before test.
| Alice F. via Yelp
THANK YOU PRIMO VERY MUCH! After a loooooooonnnng time avoiding getting my license I finally did it with the super professional and experienced help of John (thanks for telling me about lecithin!) and Mark (great support!). It was painless, fast and rewarding! Highly recommend them if you are like me (anxious about exams) and needs a driving school :)
| Anna S. via Yelp
John was my instructor, i'm very thankful to him for every single class and his patience. Every lesson i had was super effective, he thought me to be confident on a road. It is better to schedule little bit in advance, so you'll not wait for your next class for a long time.
| kim l. via Yelp
So impressed.  Registration was clear and easy.  Creating appointments was also clear and easy.  The actual driving lesson was outstanding.  My son's instructor was on time, kind, instructive and confident.  The lesson began immediately with the instructor teaching my son the basics of car safety and awareness before they even entered the car.  My son returned and was so happy that he had learned so much more than he ever thought possible.  My two older children did Mercedes Benz driving school.  This program blows that away.  Highly recommend without any reservation.  Thank you Primo.  I know you will help my son be a safe and good driver.
| Sarah G. via Yelp
We used Primo for my teenagers driving lessons. She had a great experience and passed her test 1st time. She is a confident and safe driver after her lessons with Frank and Justin. Would highly recommend Primo. Thank you Primo Driving school!
| Ryan A. via Yelp
I found myself sweating profusely as I walked towards the bespectacled burly man wearing an unmistakable Primo collared shirt. Having never driven before in the 21 years of my existence, I was obviously feeling apprehensive about this potential new experience. As I continued to amble towards the car, the man took a step towards me and held out his hand - introducing himself as John. Over the course of the next four weeks, he would - for the most part - serve as my mentor in driving. Although the other instructors were excellent in their own right, John was the one who I got to spent the most time with. From the get-go, it was crystal clear that John brought with him onto the table a wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout the time of my learning, he was always incredibly patient, gently pointing out my mistakes and showing me how to correct them slowly, and because of his equanimity in teaching, I was constantly motivated to be a better driver. Simply said, I would certainly feel guilty if I failed my driving test even after being guided by such an awe-inspiring instructor. On that account, I passed my driving test with approximately 3-4 errors, one of which is disputable (as I turned on the hazard lights while reversing the car and was cited for not turning off my signals - go figure). Ultimately, Primo is undeniably an excellent driving school, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to be a safe driver.
| Yelper R. via Yelp
Finally a place that really lives up to the 5 star reviews! Our teenager had three lessons with three instructors.   She has gone from never driven before to a confident driver improving and mastering her basic skills.  We love Mark, the owner, and he finds a way to say yes, works with you and the word from our teenager is "he's crazy good".  The other instructors, like the other Mark, are great also. When we had a scheduling issue, he suggested picking her up from school and doing the lesson then dropping her off back home!  How cool is that?!   You will not regret this place.
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