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Primo Fleet Safety Systems

Commercial Fleets of all shapes and sizes trust Primo Fleet Systems!


Our comprehensive driver training program and fleet "rehab" has helped many business owners:


  • Lower Insurance Rates

  • Reduce Workers Compensation Claims

  • Reduce Unplanned Repair Expenses 

  • Standardize Skills and Education Across Fleets

  • Drop total Fleet Expenditure. 

What can Primo do for YOUR FLEET?

Email us at, or call 888.978.7299

Check out our case study first to see how we saved 98% on vehicle related expenses! 


How is your fleet safety plan working? 

Operating a fleet is an unforgiving journey. The Primo Fleet System has proven to drastically reduce collisions, unplanned repairs, and insurance claims. 

Check out our case study to see how we can save you 98% on your fleet expenses!

Can you afford even higher Insurance Rates?

Regain control over rising insurance rates! Become the model fleet with proven methods that reduce collisions, claims and workers' compensation expenses.  

Who will grow with you?

The greatest commodity for fleet managers are consistent, seasoned, operators. Let us help you develop and retain employees to expand your capabilities. 

Will your current issues scale with growth?

Waiting to solve your problems will become exponentially more costly. 

Don't wait, our consultation is free! Email to schedule.

Are you in control of your maintenance & repair costs?

Avoid unplanned maintenance, repairs, and onboarding costs to improve your margins and profitability. 

Does Technology work for you? 

Make informed decisions with proprietary technology that cuts your time managing in half!

Waiting is Expensive, a Quote is Free

Email us today to set up a free quote for your business! 


What Our Clients Say

PRIMO DRIVING SCHOOLS_Los Angeles, CA_20220622_037.jpg
ucla driving lessons

UCLA, Field Safety Research 

"Training our driver's to handle everything they might expect, across various environmental conditions, has been a revelation. Primo is the only company we trust with our driver training!"
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